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Why Export to Mexico?

As a result of NAFTA, U.S. products have preferential import duties, and many exports are duty-free.  Often, Mexico cannot meet consumer demands for products such as red meat and poultry domestically and therefore, must obtain these products by importing them from outside countries.  This fact and the proximity of the U.S. to Mexico give U.S. manufacturers and suppliers a competitive advantage when seeking to export food products to Mexico.  Also, an increase in disposable income and changes in lifestyle have resulted in higher demand for ready-to-eat and processed meals, meats, food ingredients, frozen foods, snack foods, and health and wellness products.

The market for food sales in Mexico is vast.  Mexico has approximately 6,000 retail stores selling food and beverages.  The large food retailers in Mexico are comparative to retailers in the U.S. in their size and structure.  Large retailers in Mexico include megamarkets, supermarkets, warehouses, convenience stores, club stores, and department stores.  Supermarkets or department stores still provide US Companies with the best points of sale.  However, convenience stores are emerging as an excellent potential source for imported products.

Food service is also a growing industry within Mexico.  Factors which generate increased business opportunities for U.S. and Canadian manufacturers are:  an increased interest in upscale dining; mandatory food and health safety inspections; and more consumer spending while dining out.  Forty-five percent of the industry is located in Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Mexico City.