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Support and Marketing

ATTI provides knowledge of both the food industry as a whole as well as international sales and marketing of food products.  We provide consulting and market analysis for new product placement in Mexico and will assist customers in determining whether their product is a good fit in the Mexican market and help to establish a targeted market entry strategy for the product.  In addition, ATTI is very familiar with Mexican export requirements, tariffs, packaging and labeling requirements, and the latest laws and regulations related to exporting food products to Mexico.

ATTI also provides a vast knowledge of the local culture, law, language, consumer trends, and business practices of Mexico.  For example, service and price are very important to Mexican buyers.  ATTI can assist in pricing products in the Mexican market and will provide the appropriate marketing and product support, product samples, and timely supply of product.  ATTI’s sales personnel also travel to Mexico seven to eight times per year to meet with existing customers and partners, to check on products in stores, and to evaluate new customer prospects.

Marketing of products once the products are in stores is also very important for success in the Mexican market.  ATTI employs supervisors in all of its major retail customers to oversee the products and promote them.  ATTI’s other marketing strategies range from promoting their products at point-of-sale displays, promotional inserts or coupons, and in-store demonstrations.