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Partnership Strengths

Partnership Strengths

ATTI is the majority partner in the Mexican distribution company, Advance Food de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V., formed in August 2002.  Partnership with Advance Food de Mexico enables ATTI to have direct contacts in Mexico in order to more easily distribute food products in the Mexican market and to help maintain and facilitate relationships with all of the leading retail stores and food service distributors in Mexico.

Through Advance Food de Mexico, ATTI also employs sales personnel in Mexico who can further help to facilitate customer relationships and provide insight into selling to the Mexican market.

ATTI also regularly stores product inventories in our TIF-approved warehouse in Mexico, City, under the supervision of Advance Food de Mexico.  This enables us to timely meet our Mexican customers’ supply demands by delivering products at a moment’s notice.

In general, Mexicans appreciate close working relationships, so partnering with a locally-based distribution company and employing local sales personnel allows ATTI to enhance business prospects and further customer relationships.

Although Advance Food de Mexico generally serves as the importer of the majority of products we sell into Mexico, customers also have the option of using their own importer to import products.  In such cases, ATTI will handle all logistics of the export process up to delivering the product to a designated facility along the U.S./Mexico border (generally in Laredo, TX).